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The Seriously Good Chocolate Company is a New Zealand Company, based in Invercargill - and as the name suggests, their product is "Seriously Good". We have 3  sizes available : 

The box of 4 has one each of Pinot Noir Dome, Salty Caramel Baton, 
Toffee Marshmallow Dome and Nutty Praline Bite.

The box of nine has 3 each of Baileys Hearts, Pinot Noir Domes and Strawberry Champagne Truffles.

The Box of 16 has 4 each of Pinot Noir Domes, Toffee Marshmallow Domes, Salty Caramel Batons and Nutty Praline Bites.

The Seriously Good Chocolate Company boxed Selection

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